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Lance Fox overwhelmingly outclassed the competition, with a definitely professional quality act!"                     

(Mike Leonard, The Herald Times, George Carlin review).


"Lance Fox of Indianapolis opened the evening with an engaging 30-minute set of humorous impressions.  Fox displayed impressive range and versatility, and was rewarded with strong applause."  (Jill Warren, The Indianapolis Star, Dionne Warwick review).

"Impressionist Lance Fox, employed familiar voices of Jimmy Stewart, Katharine Hepburn, Bill Cosby, Johnny Carson and Bob Knight-to retell 'Twas the Night Before Christmas,' doing so both faithfully and humorously." (Peter Jacobi, The Herald Times, Christmas with the Pops review).

"Lance Fox's Bobby Knight impression was appropriately the soul of subtlety.  He went off the scale in audience rapport,' but the premises reeked of Purdue."  (Dan Carpenter, The Indianapolis Star, Mid-winter Laff Off review).

George Carlin "Great job, man!  Good stuff!"

Brad Garrett "Great set baby!"  You nailed it!"

Tim allen "I loved the Dating Game bit...

Great job!"

Patty Perrin (Owner, The Indianapolis Comedy Connection  "Lance's act is a show stopper!"

Bob and Tom "And the winner of the Mid-winter Laff Off is....Lance Fox!"

Dionne Warwick (Grammy Award-winning singer) "Wonderfully entertaining! Those impressions are right on and hilarious!"

"Lance Fox, a former Campus Comedy winner who acted as co-host for the competition, provided more laughs than all three acts combined.  A talented impersonator, he conjured up familiar characters .  Fox's Bob Knight remains an Indiana classic."  (Mike Leonard, The Herald Times, Second City review).

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